19 July 2019

Encon Introduce TraffiGlove's new TG6240 LXT Glove

Case Study Encon

Encon Insulation Ltd is a leading distributor of thermal and acoustic insulation, interior building products, fire protection and roofing materials in the UK.

Encon’s journey with TraffiGlove started 6 years ago when Will Barker, Head of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) Compliance, adopted a zero-tolerance attitude towards hand injuries.

This is his recount of working with TraffiGlove so far, and particularly since the EN388:2016 standard change.

“I went out to the glove market, and after much searching and testing I selected TraffiGlove based on product quality and after-sales support. We implemented TraffiGlove’s TG535 cut 5 glove which also had the benefit of being colour coded according to its cut level, making it easy to see at a glance that employees were wearing the correct glove, in this case green.

This product has stood us in good stead until I heard that a new cut standard - EN388:2016 - was to be introduced.

Curious as to why a new standard was required and what effect this would have on our present protection level I contacted TraffiGlove to ask for their advice. Alf Martin from TraffiGlove visited to discuss how and why we had arrived at this particular style of glove and what applications we were using them for, he met and talked with staff who were using these gloves every day.

Despite the original glove meeting all of its required standards, it was obvious that the new cut standard would introduce a higher level of protection, I was unsure if we actually required our level increasing so we asked Alf for his professional view as to how this would be of benefit to us above that of our existing glove.”

Alf Martin, TraffiGlove Business Development Manager explains how TraffiGlove provided Encon with an improved solution: 

“This presented a perfect opportunity for me to work with Encon around the new cut test standard ISO13997 within EN388:2016. I took a logical approach to first explaining the differences between the original coup test and the new TDM test, focusing on the move from a cut index of 1 to 5 over to a scale of A to F. At that time most of the current cut 5 gloves were coming back as a letter C under the new TDM test.


The challenge here was to provide Encon with a glove which was rated D or above, had exceptional dexterity and would reduce cost in use due to its longevity.

TraffiGlove had just launched its new LXT range. These gloves have a super lightweight 15gg liner and are treated with a protective layer which is water, oil and dirt resistant. The best solution was our TG6240 which has achieved a level E for cut resistance under the new regulations.

I ran product trials with the TG6240 with the Encon team and got some excellent feedback both in term of comfort and dexterity, the longevity of the new glove far outlasts that of the previous version. The reality now is that any health and safety professionals who are looking to increase their level of cut protection from the old test score level 5, TraffiGlove can offer solutions…”

If you'd like to upgrade hand protection solutions in your workplace, or are struggling to get your head round the standard change and how this affects the options in the market for cut resistant work gloves, we'd really like to help out!