30 August 2019

The Glove Selection Process


Many of us have heard the phrase “fits like a glove”, but how do you know which glove is right? Ensuring a good fit for the job takes a bit more thought than simply picking a pair off the shelf and hoping they will be suitable.

The selection of the right product is important – you’ve got to marry the right glove to the right task. This is something that your health and safety adviser is ultimately responsible for.


Step one: Remove as much risk as possible

The job of the health and safety manager is to make sure that they’ve identified all possible hazards. Once every practical measure has been put in place to eliminate risk, they can look to selecting the right glove for the task.

Step two: Identify residual safety concerns

Look back at any hand accidents that have occurred historically – what hazards are at play in your work environment? Were the accidents typically cuts or burns? Are people injuring their fingers or their palms? By pinpointing where and how the accidents have occurred, you can narrow down the type of glove that you need.

Step three: Engage with people on the ground

You won’t be able to select the correct glove without speaking to the people who are actually wearing them. Don’t assume what they want – ask them! Make sure you understand what their day-to-day looks like so you can choose the right product.

Step four: Introduce the priority wheel

Building a priority wheel is a way to help multiple teams come together to voice what they feel should be the most important feature of the safety gloves. By using this simple process, you can align all the needs of your team and end up at a product that works for everyone.

Step five: Arrange trial and train workers

Field test your initial selection and make sure it works before you commit. Testing and training also helps your team to understand the parameters of the gloves and how they can optimise them.

Step 6: Assess the trial results

Collate all the comments, feedback, and documentation in order to understand how the feedback aligns to your priority wheel. What did you find out? Do you need to revisit your priorities?

Step seven: Specify glove selection

Once all the steps are completed, you should have a good idea of what are the best gloves for your needs. As long as you and your team are happy, you’re good to go!

Step eight: Review periodically

You’ve picked your gloves, but make sure that you review your selection periodically. Keep one eye on the priority wheel – things change and you need to make sure that you’re always got the right gloves for your needs.

Watch our short video covering the process of selecting the right glove.

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