30 May 2018

NGT1290: A Gravity Defying Experience


We've just launched NGT1290, the UK’s very first 21 gauge EN 388: 2016 cut level A safety glove.

So here's why you'll love it:


There’s nothing worse than bulky gloves that restrict movement when you’re trying to complete a particularly delicate task. Luckily, the NGT1290 eliminates this problem by being one of the lightest safety gloves on the market. With a second skin feel, you’ll benefit from an amazing level of tactile sensation when handling small parts and carrying out fiddly work. Not only that, but the NGT1290’s lightweight composition helps prevent fatigue so you can work longer.


We’re currently living through a technology explosion which means more digital equipment on-site. This makes touchscreen compatible gloves a must – which is why we spun a conductive additive into the yarn of the NGT1290. This conductive element is knitted 360 degrees throughout the glove, guaranteeing a consistent level of sensitivity so you can carry on working with any touchscreen devices without having to remove your gloves.


We didn’t want the NGT1290 to just be light; we wanted it to be strong too. That’s why we built it with high tenacity nylon and polyester which are characterised by their physical strength, abrasion resistance and low moisture absorbency. The result? An extremely durable glove which is quick to dry and resistant to dirt and debris. The NGT1290 can perform for as long as you can!


To make the NGT1290 truly great, we went a step further and used a polyurethane dispersion (PUD) coating. PUD is water based, which means no solvent is used during manufacture. This makes the NGT1290 a great choice for those with sensitive skin. Not only this, but PUD offers water and oil resistant properties as well as fantastic grip characteristics.

For anyone who's working in an environment where they need gloves to reduce hand fatigue, mild abrasion and increase grip this gloves for you!

Download the brochure here or get in touch for more info.


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