19 November 2019


Grip is the most important factor when conditions are slippery.

The Bureau of Labour Statistics reports that there are more than 50,000 "struck by falling object" accidents every year (OSHA).


If you break that down, it’s roughly one injury every 10 minutes. 


These injuries are entirely preventable with the right knowledge. Gloves that have latex or nitrile coatings have better grip than PU. Nitrile foam has more grip than flat nitrile, making it safer for working in wet weather or with oily machinery.

At this time of year, the weather can be unpredictable. A cold sunny morning can quickly turn into torrential rain. If you work outside, you need to ensure that your hand protection keeps you covered in all eventualities.

Our range includes gloves that are designed for wet conditions without comprising on cut resistance. These gloves will help you to keep your hand dry whilst allowing you to continue to perform tasks with the correct level of safety.

Wet and… cold

Having cold hands while you’re trying to work is the worst - we covered some of the risks of not keeping your hands warm in this post – but when it’s both icy and raining, the body can lose heat up to 25 times faster. Risk of slipping increases in wet conditions and cold hands have decreased dexterity, making it harder to grip things.


The new TG5570 is thermal and water resistant even on the wrist, making it the perfect winter glove. Alternatively, the TG5340 is touchscreen compatible, meaning you don’t have to remove your gloves in chilly conditions to use your phone or tablet.

Wet and… oily

Working with machinery and engines can mean that you’re often in contact with oily materials. As well as needed enhanced grip, the wearer’s hands need to be protected against contact grip. Again, nitrile coatings offer great resistance to oils and have excellent grip in wet conditions. Our LXT range – TG1240, TG3240, TG5240 and TG6240 – are all suitable to use in wet and oily conditions, and have the added benefit of life extending technology, meaning they’ll last even longer.


Wet and… dry

Sometimes, you just need a glove that’s suitable whether it’s wet or dry… and nothing else! A humble glove that keeps you safe and gets the job done without all the bells and whistles. Luckily, our range includes these too! The TG1270 is a new addition to our glove family. It’s designed for all day comfort, whatever the conditions.


Take a look at our range of gloves designed for wet conditions.

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