16 July 2019

What is TraffiGlove's LXT (Life Extending Technology)?


You may or may not have heard of our LXT range which we recently launched, consisting of the TG1240, TG3240, TG5240 and TG6240.

This article explains what LXT is and how this is hugely beneficial for both the glove wearer and procurement team. 


So, what exactly is Life Extending Technology (LXT)?

Simply put, it does what it says on the tin and extends the wear life of the gloves, keeping them fit for the job for longer. We blend the best in yarn spinning and liner technology, our proven MicroDex coating and LXT formula.

This is achieved through two phases: LXT Treatment and LXT Engineering.



During the engineering process of this glove range, the glove fibres are coated and bonded with our patent pending LXT formula.

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced durability and extended wear life (an opportunity for great cost in use savings)
  • The new LXT treatment creates a protective layer which is water, oil and dirt resistant
  • The treatment shields the glove fibres from damage, reducing the wear and tear the glove suffers and the likelihood of stains from contaminants
  • The gloves are easy to wash, quick to dry and super breathable




We’ve invested in state of the art yarn engineering which maximises glove life performance - triple wrapping the fibre core of the TG3240, TG5240 and TG6240– spinning the thread a total of 9,000 times!

Key Benefits

  • Ensures the core has a high level of protection from damage which increases the longevity and stability of the cut resistant fibre
  • Impressive comfort: by protecting the core from damage, the fibre will be less likely to fracture through
  • Great choice for those who suffer from irritable skin conditions such as dermatitis



Liking the sound of this glove range? Here's some of the key features besides LXT.

  • Super lightweight 15gg liner, increasing flexibility, dexterity and breathability of the hand
  • Conforms to the new EN388:2016 standard and covers cut levels A, B, C and E for whatever your cut risk requirements are
  • Hot contact resistance up to 100°C on the palm and fingers
  • Latex free for sensitive skin
  • Excellent grip in wet, dry or oily conditions
  • Features our high performing MicroDex Ultra coating and a thumb crotch to further enhance longevity

If you think these sound like the perfect gloves for your task, request a sample here and trial the products to make sure you're ready to proceed with your order!